• Gemini120

    Double head to handle various bioassays freely

    • Available for 1/8/12/16/24 ch 96/384 / 1536well plate, various tubular black, test tube etc
    • Two dispensing heads can be mounted at the same time, so there is no need for head replacement
    • It can be installed in a clean bench and can be controlled from outside the clean bench by Bluetooth
  • BISTEQUE 307/303

    Collect a wealth of expertise cultivated with over 2,000 sales results

    • Ideal for virus testing such as HIV / HCV / TP by agglutination / ELISA
    • We adopted a structure that reduces the amount of air in the chip as much as possible, and it is also possible to dispose ultrahigh-speed dispensing with non-contact method
    • It adopts the control method by LCD color touch panel, and does not need PC for control
  • Multi Works 600

    Disposable chip system 96/384 ch simultaneous dispensing device

    • It corresponds to a wide dispensing capacity ranging from 25 nanoliters to 300 microliters
    • In addition to 96/384 ch simultaneous dispensing, series dispensing with 8/12/16/24 ch is also possible
    • It is possible to do mass processing by interlocking with Multi Stacker 400

Ms Technos is a domestic manufacturer specializing in automatic dispensing equipment and manufactures and sells various inspections and research equipment such as drug discovery and clinical research in life science. Unlike overseas major manufacturers, we are selling small turning correspondence unique to domestic production, so we can respond flexibly to remodeling existing equipment and adding control software specifications.


Automated Pipetting Systems

A wide range of dispensing capacity, high performance dispensing device for various bioassays

Other related products

Stacker etc. which drastically improves the function and operation efficiency of automatic dispensing device

Please leave OEM and special order machine as well

MES TECHNOS is a domestic automatic dispensing equipment maker that can produce all the processes in-house from the planning and design of automatic pipetting equipment to development and manufacturing. We can answer various needs from small machine to large machine, small lot to large quantity lot.
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