1, 8, 12, 16, 24ch Automated Dispensing And Diluting System

BISTEQUE 307With Stacker Using Disposable Tips

1, 8, 12, 16, 24ch Automated Dispensing And Diluting System

M S TECHNOS is a Japanese maker that can design an automated dispensing system from marketing analysis and manufacture it in own facility. We can do all developing process by ourselves. We have installed far more than 2,000 system in Japan only, including long favored OEM systems of 8 / 12 ch automatic dispensing equipment in clinical laboratories spreading all over Japan. We realized BISTEQUE 307 with such vast knowledge and experience.

  • It is most suitable for virus inspection such as HIV / HCV / TP by agglutination method · ELISA method
  • Stacker is equipped as standard, making it ideal for mass processing
  • It adopts the control method by LCD color touch panel, and does not need PC for control

Product features

Automatic regent supplier

Optional automatic regent supplier has a magnetic stirrer to agitating regent in a bottle. It is essential for regent with precipitates.

Automatic pipetting head rotator

Switching between 8/12 ch and 16/24 ch can be done automatically with automatic pipetting head rotator. With it, direction of tip racks and plates does not matters at all.

Disposable tip loading checker

Optional disposable tip loading checker detects how the tips are mounted and whether they are discarded. It prevents irregular operation.


At reservoir mount, optional large reservoir (150 ml) can be placed as well as 3 standard reservoirs (2 50 ml and 1 30 ml).

Reservoir mount

SBS standard resevoirs and tube racks can be placed either vertically or horizontally by detatching reservoir mount form the main unit.


Equipped with color LCD touch panel, you have no need for purchasing PC just for controlling the unit.

Stirrer for regent reservoir

Optional shaker for regent reservoir stirs regent in inner most reservoir lef and right. It is useful for application such as Blood cell sedimentation. The shaker works with Larger reservoirs (150 mL) as well.

Tip waste box

An operator can choose used tip handling from either putting back to tip racks or discarding to tip waste box. Optional chute for tip wasting out of the machine is also available.


Dispensing head 8/12ch for 96/384 wells
16/24ch 384/1536 wells
Automatic pipetting head rotator
Volume range 8/12ch ... 5 - 300µL (adjustable in 0.1µL)
16/24ch ... 1 - 40µL (adjustable in 0.1µL)
Dispensing system Air displacement disposable tip replacement
Capacity Dipensing 20 s/plate (25µL Non-contact)
Diluting 35 s/plate (25µL 8 tube-dilution)
Dispensing accuracy CV ≤ 2% ( at 25µL )
Executable programs Single function program : 96 / Complex program : 56
Plates in stacker 20 microplates
6 deep well plates
5 tip racks
Regent reservoirs Standard reservoirs (30 mL x 1, 50 mL x 2)
SBS-standard plates ( can be set either vertically or horizontally )
Size 650 mm (W) X 486 mm (D) X 584 mm (H)
Weight approx. 50Kg
Power AC 100V , 50/60Hz 200VA


  • Regent shaker
  • Disposable tip loading checker
  • Automatic regent supplier ( with stirrer )
  • Chute for tip wasting out of the machine
  • Large regent reservoir (150mL)
  • Bar code reader


Equipment BISTEQUE 307 (1)
Liquid level sensor (1)
Standard reagent reservoir(30 mL x 1, 50 mL x 2) (1)
AC power cord (1)
Document Manual (1)
Warranty (1)

* Product specification and appearence is subject to change without notice.

* We recomend periodical inspection and maintenance contracts to keep system performance near its optimum.

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