Double Head Multi Channel Liquid Handling System

Gemini 120

Gemini120 is a liquid handling system with double pipetting heads has the added advantage of compact size to install into a safety cabinet.

  • 96/384/1536 wells microplate and various containers such as tubing or vial are available.
  • Two pipetting heads are selectable in any combination.
  • Liquid level sensor by ultrasonic wave method is available.
  • Additional plate stacking system enable multi tasks.
  • Small footprint enable to set up into a safety cabinet.
  • Touch panel operation is available.

Product features

Double pipetting heads sytem is not necessary to exchange the pipeting head for each application.

Selectable pipetting head can install two pipetting head on one system.
Free combination pipetting such as 1 and 1, 1 and 12 or 12 and 24 channes enable various applications. Not only microplates but also deep well plate, tubings and vials are available.

Bluetooth operation enable to operate fro external side without a communication cable

Small footprint system can install narrow space such as safety cabinet.
User can operate the system from external side even if such installation is necessary.
Also, RS232 communication with a cable is available according to the installation environment.

Free stage position arrangement enable various applications.

Stage layout is free scuh as the picture.

Free stage position arrangement enable various applications.

Stage layout is free scuh as the picture.

Save times to exchange the pipetting head.

The system can install two pipetting heads,
It means to save time and troublesome to exchange the pipetting head.

Disposable Tips

M S Technos provides various disposable tips according to the demand.
The disposable tip and nozzle can fit correctly because of pure items from M S Technos.

Processing Time Reduction

Optional raising pedestal can reduce the processing time to shorten up and down.

Tip Waste Box

Tip waste boxes position on the each side.
The left pipetting head use left side waste box and the right pipetting head
Use right side waste box. It means to waste tips effectively.

Set up various peripheral accessories.

The work area can arrange not only SBS microplates but also various size of containers.
※Stage workarea size is 6 positions when 8ch pipetting head uses and 4positions when 12ch pipetting head uses.

Intuitive software by touch panel operation.

The software can manage touch operation(Windows).
User will understand easily to make many programs.

Model list

Pipetting Head 1ch/40ul
Volume Range 1〜40ul
Pipetting Head 1ch/300ul
Volume Range 5〜300ul
Pipetting Head 12ch/40ul
Volume Range 1〜40ul
Pipetting Head 12ch/300ul
Volume Range 5〜300ul
Pipetting Head 24ch/40ul
Volume Range 1〜40ul


Dispense Method Disposable Tip Exchange, Air DisplacementMethod
Accuracy AC≦±1%(at Full Stroke)CV≦±1%(at full stroke)
Stages Free arrangement (Horizontal microplate:6plates Vertical microplate: 4plates)
Control Windows 7 or later
Dimensions 600(W)×450(D)×450(H)
Weight Approximately 35 kg
Power Supply AC100~200V

Related Equipment

Gemini 130Double Head Multi Channel Liquid Handling System

Basic specifications are similar with Gemini120 but it 1000ul(1cc) disposable tip is available.
Also dimensions will be changing (bigger than Gemini120)
Please ask the details to M S Technos.



Equipment Gemini120 Base Unit (1)
Pipetting Head
Operation PC
Power Cable
Document Guarantee(1)
Instruction manual (1)

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