Automated liquid droppers

Automated liquid droppers, MS-706

Micro Shot 706

A dispenser using peristaltic pump.
Best practice for cell dispensing and other applications with space and cost saving design.


  • Dead volume is minimized with aspirating from an optional reservoir tank.
  • Both non-contact and contact dispensation is available.
  • Practical price of Tube Sets, cosumables of the system, reduces your organization's ranning cost further.
  • With an optional stacker, up to 50 plates at a time can be processed automatically.
  • Light weight and space saving design will let you install the system even in a clean banch with a stacker.
auto dropper / Tube setReplacing and setting the Tube Set is very easy. When the cover of the system is shut, a lock keeps the Tube Set hold and there is virtually no possibility of losing the set.
auto dropper / Nozzle stopperResin type Tube Sets have safety stoppers to prevent nozzles to go further in wells. They save them from damaging at unexpected operations.
auto dropper / Display with touch pannelAn LCD touch panel is equipped. The software is graphical, self-evident, easy-to-use and any one can handle.
auto dropper / weights for tubesA weight put at the end of tubes.
Each tubes can be detached from the weight and be put in other regent tanks.
auto dropper / Waste tankA Waste tank is equipped and can be connected with designate tube for waste. You have no need to discard full-filled wastes frequently any more. The tank is detachable from the body without any trouble.
auto dropper / applicable well plates and tube racks6 / 12 / 24 / 48 / 96 / 384 / 1536 well-plates as well as deep well plates and SBS-standard tube racks are all operative. In addition, using teach mode of dispensing position adapts various cases and containers.
Aspration from a reservoir reduces dead volume dramatically.
auto dropper with automated stacker With metal nozzle Tube Set, the system can use an option reservoir as shown in the picture on left.
The machine aspirates just amount of regent necessary for dispensation ( total volumes of the dispensation + additional tiny volumes to keep machine operate precise ) and there is very few amount of liquid left after the dispensing operation in the tubes as dead volume.
Both contact as well as non-contact ( in air ) dispensation is available.
auto dropper / metal nozzle Contact dispensation at the bottom of wells or, needless to say, non-contact in the air dispensation is selectable when the system is equipped with metal Tube Sets.
Applications for high viscosity fluids and non-foaming dispensation are good for metal nozzle sets.
In addition, operation with option reservoirs reduces dead volume significantly.
auto dropper / resin nozzle Resin Tube Set is for non-contact dispensation only.
It has a safety stopper to prevent further insertion to wells in plates.
Resin sets are more inexpressive and cut running cost of your organization.
All autoclavable inexpensive 6 Tube Sets
All autoclavable Tube Sets are inexpensive as consumables and cuts operating expenses.
We accept request for quotation all the time. Please, ask us freely if you need.
ProductNumber of chanelsTypeNozzleVolume (μL)number of setsStandard price (JPY)
Tube Set #18LResin5〜99995120,000
Tube Set #28LMetal5〜99991120,000
Tube Set #38SResin0.5〜999.95120,000
Tube Set #48SMetal0.5〜999.91120,000
Tube Set #516SResin0.5〜999.95240,000
Tube Set #616SMetal0.5〜999.91240,000


Stacker Synchronized with a stacker ( sold separately ), up to 50 plates can be processed at a time.
The picture shows an equipment with 25-plates-chimneys.
With this stacker, the dropper can be still installed within a clean bench.


Volume range L Tube Set
S Tube Set
Accuracy < ±2% (at 5μL dispensing)
Repeatability < 3% (at 5μL dispensing)
Tube Special cassette type silicone tube set
Dispensing speed 3 steps adjustable
Capacity 14 seconds
(dispensing all 1536 wells in a plate with 1μL)
Number of plate 1 (50 plates with stacker)
Executable programs 96 files
Power AC 100 V   50/60 Hz   200 VA
Size 370 (W) x 310 (D) x 270 (H)
Weight approx. 11kg
Interface RS232C

Standard package

Micro Shot 706 1 Manual 1
AC power cord 1 Warranty 1
Waste tank 1 Tube to the waste tank 1
Tube Set 1 ( 8ch L Tube Set with resin nozzle, volume rage: 5〜9999μL )

* Product specification and appearence is subject to change without notice.