Automated pipetting systems for 1536-, 384- and 96-well plates

Automated pipetting systems for 1536-, 384- and 96-well plates

Personal Pipetter 230

96- or 384-channel automated dispensing and agitating system
using disposable tips


  • Automated pipetting system with 96 or 384 channels head
    Applicable for 96-, 384- and 1536-well plates with changing 96- or 384-channel dispensing head. Various assays such as dispensing from a specimen reservoir to a plate, transferring from a plate to a plate can be processed using top and bottom areas.
  • 8 or 16 channels serial dispensation
    Attaching tips only the first row of the head, 8 or 16 tips, row-to-row dispensation, row-to-multi-rows dispensation and serial dilution are applicable.
  • Connection with a stacker
    High throughput can be achieved with connecting Multi Stacker 400.
  • Space saving
    Footprint is 29cm by 45cm. Weight is about 30kg. It can be placed in a clean bench.
  • LCD Color Touch Display
    Color LCD gives crystal-clear images and touch operation makes programing easy.
  • Teach mode
    The system can remember each positions of plates and reservoirs and do pipetting with the memorized nozzle position.
  • Inexpensive
    Manufacturing cost was drastically reduced with designing the machine from scratch, optimizing size and frame structure.

Changing dispensing head
Changing Dispensing Head
Replacing tip holder
Tip holder replacement
Color LCD touch screen
LCD Color Touch Display
tip holder
Tip holders
Serial dispensation
Serial dispensation
Stacker connection
System with a stacker


Dispensing head 96ch/50µL 96ch/300µL 384ch/50µL
Dispensing volume 1µL -  40µL 5µL - 300µL 1µL -  40µL
Dispensing system Disposable tip / Air displacement
Dispensing accuracy AC ≤1% ( full stroke ) / CV ≤1% ( full stroke )
Tip replacement Tip Holder : tip holder insertion
Dispensing modes Dispensing with 96ch or 384ch head / Dispensing one row, 8ch or 16ch / Serial dilution
Program memory 99 programs
Display LCD Color Touch Display
Axes of movement X, Y, Z and S / automatic
Size 289 mm (W) X 448 mm (D) X 499 mm (H)
Weight approx. 30kg
Power AC 100V - 200V