What is Automated pipetting system?

DNA and automated pipetting systems
DNA is material that contains genetic information. There are 4 specific parts defined by chemical bases: adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C), and thymine (T). DNA is strung together in a chain. The 2 chains are connected with those AGCT's and form a spiral called a double helix. Because A only connects T and so as G and C, the 2 chains can only replicate the other if they are separated. This makes genetic information copied exact at cell division and the information is transferred to the new.
DNA test

DNA sequence is unique to each and inherited from parent to child. That makes DNA test very powerful to identify criminals and parent-child relationships.

DNA test does not read all DNA sequences estimated 60 billion but finds specific pattern in the DNA sequence and checks whether it matches or not.

Small amount of DNA is copied ten thousands times with PCR method. PCR is the one of replication methods that is adding separated DNA chains by heat into materials for DNA in cool to reconstruct them. After one cycle of replication, it is diluted and the replication is repeated couple dozens times. In such work, with no error permitted and very large amount of samples, automated pipetting machine is suited.

Gene expression analysis

Though human gene was analyzed in Human Genome Project, it is not completely solved what role each gene plays.

A gene made up DNA makes mainly specific proteins from the information in it, that work various way in the body. It is called gene expression.

Not all the genes are expressed and researchers are studying connections between disease. In this field, automated pipetting machines are playing great roles, performing regent preparation and so on.