What is Automated pipetting system?

Genomics and automated pipetting systems
Genome is the whole of an organism's genetic information. Even the simplest organism like a bacteria has couple hundreds of gene and number of genetic information sums up to couple hundred thousands. Computer is necessary to analyze vast amount of data in research for expecting applications like drug discovery and it is called Bio-informatics. And it is impossible to analyze giant genome of human, estimated 30 billion in number, and most of creatures, if the process is not efficient. That is why high throughput is required in processing systems.
Human Genome Project

Human Genome Project is a project analyzing complete human genetic information. ( Completed on 14th April 2003) What makes the project successful is Shotgun Sequencing Method.

Genetic information is expressed with 4 letters, A, T, G and C. Even though, one DNA is too long to analyze at a time. Then, an idea of cutting DNA at random in short pieces enough to analyze is proposed.

The DNA fragments are incorporated with special DNA called Vector and replicated in large amount in culture of Escherichia coli, for example. ( cloning ). In this process, automated pipetting systems are used dispensing culture fluid in vessels and planting E Coli on them.

After that, computer reads fragmented DNA sequences and restore a whole DNA sequence from them.

Other Genome Projects

Human Genome Project is a just one of Genome Projects. There are many projects such as for rice, yeast, mouse and fruit fly and researched well, expecting biological, medical and agriculture applications. In such research facilities, there are great number of automated pipetting systems running.