What is Automated pipetting system?

System configuration of automated pipetting systems
In the fields of genomics, drug discovery and clinical test, automated pipetting system plays an important role, being integrated with many other system and controlling them to process jobs automatically at high efficiency rather than it is used as an isolated system. The most growing region of research and development of the system is HTS, High Throughput Screening, combining assay, one of a methodology in analyzing especially biological samples, and automated pipetting systems together.
Integration with other units such as stackers to process various operation like regent preparation and pre-process of specimen efficiently becomes more popular, comparing with those systems dedicated only for one specific purpose.
Examples of system configuration
  • Integration with microplate readers
    Microplate reader is a system that can measure reaction quantitatively, optically scanning samples mixed with regent.
    It is indispensable for clinical test and drug discovery to automate the process. Although the test is automated, efficiency of the whole system does not increase unless preprocess, sample preparation is also automated. Accordingly, automated pipetting system is required to pre-process automation.
  • Integration with stackers
    Stackers that can accommodate many well plates in stack are used to process large amount of specimen that can not be done with a single large well plate like 1536-well plate. Plates in the stacker are transferred from / to automated pipetting system. The stacker and the automated pipetting system are synchronized through signal communication.