Sequential dispensing manual pipette

Sequential Dispensing Manual Pipette


Single channel sequential dispensing manual pipette


  • Sequential dispensing with disposable tips
    With very simple operation, anyone can dispense aspirated specimen in the tip sequentially. After dipping the tip into specimen, pull Aspiration Button to desired position. Pressing Dispensing Lever repeatedly, specimen can be equally transferred to other vessel.
  • Useful blow-out function
    Pressing Dispensing Lever to the lowest position blows residual regent out of tip completely. You can use the same tip for the same specimen and that makes running cost low.
  • Easy to set dispensing volume
    R-Pet can change dispensing volume with setting a dial on the top of the handle. Volume can be set in small steps.
  • Autoclave and UV sterilization
    R-Pet can autoclave and UV-sterilize a whole body.
  • Wide range of tips
    R-Pet can fit vast variety of tips.


Product code Volume range Number of dispensation Maximum Aspirated Volume Tip Standard price[JPY]
MRP-500 0.5 - 1µL 0.5µL X 14 7µL 10µL 28,000
1µL X 7
MRP-501 1 - 5µL 1µL X 33 33µL 200µL 28,000
5µL X 6
MRP-502 5 - 25µL 5µL X 46 230µL 200µL 28,000
25µL X 9
MRP-503 25 - 100µL 25µL X 39 980µL 1,000µL 28,000
100µL X 9
MRP-504 50 - 250µL 50µL X 20 1,060µL 1,000µL 28,000
250µL X 4
MRP-505 250 - 1000µL 250µL X 20 5,150µL 5,000µL 28,000
1000µL X 5
MRP-506 250 - 1000µL 250µL X 40 10,250µL 10,000µL 28,000
1000µL X 10
Product code Volume Package Standard price
790010GN 10µL 1000 pcs.,  Bulk 2,500
790011GN  96 pcs./rack X 10 racks (Non-sterilized)  5,500
790200GN 200µL 1000 pcs.,  Bulk 2,700
790201GN 96 pcs./rack X 10 racks (Non-sterilized) 5,500
791000GN 1000µL 1000 pcs.,  Bulk 3,200
791001GN 100 pcs./rack X 10 racks (Non-sterilized) 6,500
795000GN 5,000µL 250 pcs.,  Bulk 3,500
800000GN 10,000µL 250 pcs.,  Bulk 7,500
Product code Description Standard price
MRPS-001 Carousel for 5 pipettes 7,800
manual pipette stand
Carousel for 5 pipettes